Recently the fearless community had a fantastic 'Designing your career' panel. We invited Petter Silfver, Stefan Twerdochlib, Josefine Edsbrand to talk about their careers in the open panel. And we are excited to share with you the takeaway we had from this session!

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  1. 🏃‍♂️Foot in the door
  1. 🏋️‍♀️ Leveling Up!
  1. 💼 Management or Craft?

4.👀 Q&A

<aside> 👉 1. Foot in the door!


What should junior designers/students look out for when trying to get a position in design industry?


I think it's difficult. One of the things about trying to get your foot in the door is always hard, because people want you to have experience. But if you don't have experience, how do you get in there? What I always tell everybody trying to get that first experience is just to be patient, just apply apply, apply and just try to get in, and then try to get involved in your design communities.


I agree with Stefan. We look a lot into portfolio when we get applications, so put time to create a really good portfolio and don't stop at showcasing only one case. Show different cases and different projects that you have been working on.